BLOG: 'KINTSUKUROI: (Golden Repair)'

On thursday, my new orchestral work 'KINTSUKUROI:(Golden Repair)' received its premiere performance by the RNCM Brand New Orchestra, conducted by the marvellous Manoj Kamps. It has been quite a busy week with rehearsals! 

‘KINTSUKUROI:(Golden Repair)’ is a short orchestral work based on a Japanese form of pottery art in which broken pottery is mended back together with Gold instead of glue. This creates individual, fragile golden seams across the pot as they naturally occurred. In this piece, fleeting and delicate lines encircle the opening above a dark, undulating texture that builds until it suddenly breaks, which resembles the shattering of the pot. We are then placed into a constant and iridescent soundworld reflecting the intenions of the art form; it has been made more beautiful by having been broken.

I initially finished this work back in April, so I was eager to hear it be performed! I am thankful to the Brand New Orchestra for all their hard work, and in particular to Manoj who really helped bring my vision to life! You can hear the recording of the concert below: