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Upon Weightless Wings (2018)

for large chamber ensemble (

Approx. Duration: 11'30”

Written for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s new music group, Ensemble 10/10, for their 21st birthday concert on 10th October 2018

I - 'In Sheep's Clothing'
II - 'and, between light and darkness'
III - 'To Breathe Now'

Upon Weightless Wings (2018) for large chamber ensemble is written in three movements, each taking inspiration from separate contemporary artworks. The first, ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’, is a slow, dark movement taking its title inspiration from the pine sculpture of the same name by Martin Puryear (1996). The second movement ‘and, between light and darkness’, is based upon the oil painting ‘Y una entre luz y penumbra’ (2006) by Manuel Huertas Torrejon, in which two birds perch facing each other on a ledge, one in shadow and the other illuminated by daylight. The final movement, ‘To Breathe Now’, is inspired by the installation ‘To Breathe – A Mirror Woman’ (2006) by multidisciplinary artist Kimsooja, in which she transformed a palace into a glorious display of reflected rainbows. Across the three movements the piece explores themes of liberation; transitioning from darkness to light, restrain to freedom. It is a work written to celebrate new beginnings, to have weightless wings.' ©G.E.M.2018

©Cover Image: 'Wings' Painting by Grace-Evangeline Mason 2018