PALE FIRES - Grace-Evangeline Mason .jpg

'PALE FIRES' (2017)

For chamber orchestra

fl, cl, bsn, 2 hrn in F, 10 Strings (

Approx. Duration: 5'

Written for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's Ensemble 10/10 (28/02/18)


'‘PALE FIRES’ (2017) is a short work for chamber ensemble inspired by the line in Shakespeare’s play ‘Timon of Athens’, in which the moon is described as ‘an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the sun’. This refers to the pale fire of moonlight that is only made possible by reflecting, and therefore ‘stealing’, sunlight. The piece seeks to create an ethereal atmosphere, in which delicate, and sometimes distorted, repeating fragments emulate and mirror each other to reflect the creation of moonlight’s pale fire.' ©G.E.M.2017

©Cover Image: 'Pale Fires' Painting by Grace-Evangeline Mason 2017