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Kite Song (2018)

For Soprano, Clarinet in Bb and Violoncello

Also available for Soprano, Flute and Clarinet in Bb

Approx. Duration: 4’

Commissioned as part of the Manchester Peace Song Cycle. First performed at the Heaton Park Music Rooms following the unveiling of the new Heaton Park War Memorial on 18th November 2018

‘Written as part of the ‘Manchester Peace Song Cycle’, which was created to commemorate 100 years since the World War I armistice, Heaton Park and Manchester’s place in world history during war and peacetime, ‘Kite Song’ (2018) is an uplifting and reflective short work setting words by Tony Walsh.’ ©G.E.M.2018

©Cover Image: 'Kite' Painting by Grace-Evangeline Mason 2018

“But the ones I found most powerful.. Grace-Evangeline Mason’s Lifted [Kite Song], an interlude of simple innocence that did what the title said, with eloquent melody, as a child describes the joy of solitude and the open freedom of the park. That was one that stayed with me.”
— Robert Beale, Manchester Classical Music