beneath the silken silence [post parts in C].jpg

'beneath the silken silence' (2018)

for Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 3'30"

Written for the London Symphony Orchestra through the LSO Discovery Panufnik Composers Scheme, generously supported by Lady Hamlyn and the Helen Hamlyn Trust.

‘beneath the silken silence’ is a short orchestral work based on the poem, ‘The Faery Forest’ by Sara Teasdale (1884-1933). The piece is inspired by both the imagery and phrase structure within the prose and therefore, acts as an unspoken vocalization of the poem. The work seeks to create an atmospheric soundworld to reflect the dream-like movements of nature portrayed in ‘The Faery Forest’. ©G.E.M.2018

©Cover Image: 'silken silence' Painting by Grace-Evangeline Mason 2018