'Twenty-Four' (2015)

for mezzo-soprano and 'cello

Duration: Open (up to 13')

First performed by members of Trio Atem at the New Music North West Festival (24/01/06)

'Based upon the poem ‘twenty-Four Hokku on a modern theme’ by Amy Lowell, ‘Twenty-Four’ is made up of 24 separate movements of varying length and are created on impulse as a reaction to each haiku. They are all a representation of different aspects of the human condition, except for the last, which is a reflective movement to signify nostalgia.
The performance can last up to approximately 13 minutes in duration. However, the performers may choose to play a select number of movements in any order as they so wish and therefore, the length of the piece can vary significantly. Additionally, the amount of time between movements should be kept to a minimum.' ©G.E.M.2016

©Cover Image: 'Twenty-Four' Painting by Grace-Evangeline Mason 2015